How to create the perfect Instagram picture

Does such thing like the perfect Instagram picture exist? Yes and no. There are pictures that work out and pictures that don’t. „Working“ means receiving a lot of likes. Weather or not, there are some rules you can bare in mind to make sure your picture will receive the attention you’re looking for. Because, let’s be honest, the better your Instagram pictures are, the more easier it is to get followers.


the 80/20 rule

You can compare it with a perfect pop song. People feel attracted to things they already know – just with a pinch of something new. That’s why you probably often have the feeling you already know this brand new song. Boring? Not really. But that’s not the question anyways. The important question is: Does it work? Yes, definitely!!

Same thing holds true for pictures, especially on Instagram. All you need to do is pick a subject people already know and add a new detail. The new details can be something they haven’t seen before, or just something they haven’t seen in this context.

Mini Ananas

to create a perfect instagram picture you need something commen and a pinch of something new.

The ratio should be about 80 : 20 – 80 % familiar and 20 % new. Means, for 80 % of your picture, it’s no shame to get your inspiration from someone else’s pictures, but for the other 20 % there’s no way around getting creative. But, hey, otherwise it would be really boring.

small but mighty

Instagram overview

Because Instagram is an app, most people use it with their smartphones. The important fact is that they will see your pictures very small sized – especially when visiting your profile. I, for example, have an old mobile phone with a pretty small display. A picture needs to be very interesting in small size already to attract my attention and make me wanna see it in full (smartphone) size. It is proven that faces attract attention more easily – that’s the reason why selfies always work. If you like to make other subjects interesting in small size already, you need to keep in mind the following rules.

focus of attention – choose the right image section

First of all you need to think about what’s the most important detail in your picture. Once you’ve figured out, you need to place it very popular. And although I know you try hard to create a great still life and you like to show every detail of it, don’t overdo! Because if you put too many things in your picture, the most important detail may fade into the background. So, don’t hesitate to crop your picture to focus on the most important part. Because all the other details should only build a beautiful frame. And that takes us to the next point.

less is more or a tidy house, a tidy mind

how to create the perfect instagram pictureI know it can be tough, but try to pick up only a few thing you like to show in one picture. The more unimportant details you add, the messier and more confusing the picture appears. Your picture shouldn’t become a „search-picture“. The motto isn’t „the more to explore, the better.“ Most of the time it’s the opposite that makes your picture a perfect Instagram picture. Because only if people are able to recognize what’s in the picture in small size already, they’ll be interested to view it in full size – and as you know, that’s where they can like your pics.



edit your pictures for instagram

Bright, brighter, Instagram. Well, this Instagram is kind of strange, or more precisely it’s users are. Because they especially like bright pictures – so bright that it’s already marginal (when we’re talking about good photography). But it’s how it is, why should we turn a blind eye to that!? Same thing holds true for picture sharpness and saturation. Pictures that are almost too sharp, work much better in small sizes, because they’re easier to recognize. So, if you (for example) use pictures you took for your blog, it makes sense to sharpen them again before you post them on Instagram. When it comes to saturation it’s about personal taste. I don’t really like too much saturation, but a lot of instagram users do so.

your profile is your business card

How to create the perfect Instagram picture.

How to create the perfect Instagram picture.

Even if you made a perfect instagram picture now, there’s another point you have to bare in mind. Your pictures should definitely fit in the general view of your instagram profile. Because the overall impression decides weather users start following you or not. But it’s pretty simple. A great picture will make people visit your profile. Then in a fraction of a second they’ll decide weather they like your profile and think it’s worth following you or not. The more uniform your profile appears, the more people will start following you. In an ideal situation your profile should look like a beautiful mosaic.

react to your followers feedback

It may also happen that you’re totally wrong and a picture you absolutely love doesn’t work on Instagram. Of course, tastes differ, but generally speaking you can see which kind of pictures work and which don’t. Keep an eye on that and repeat good working pictures with a little modification from time to time. It doesn’t have to be complicated all the time. Simple pictures work as good as complicated ones.

try something new

how to create the perfect instsgram pictureAll rules aside, your creativity shouldn’t come off badly. You can of course try something new. Maybe you create the one picture that will be copied 80 % by others. It could also happen by accident. Dana, for example, doesn’t like to take selfies, because she thinks her nose looks too big on selfies. That’s why she started to take selfies without her nose to show accessories and that sort of stuff. Surprisingly these pictures work great on Instagram. Maybe because it’s like we said before: the accessory is the main detail and Dana builds the pretty frame. Who knows. I thinks she’s beautiful all the time – with or without her nose. So, just try out and have some fun! Cause in the end, that’s what it’s all about.

Did you already make some very good (or even overwhelming) experiences with a special kind of Instagram pictures? Do you have any other tips?

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