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10 tips for better blog pictures

The following ten tips will help you take better blog pictures and let your blog appear even more professional. Maybe you already know one or the other, but maybe you can also learn something new. 1. straighten your pictures Always straighten your pictures! If your pictures tilt into one direction the viewer automatically will get the impression that it’s not a good picture (although it could be one). But it’s no problem if

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how to get the perfect light for your photo shooting

If there’s one thing that can’t be missing when it comes to taking pictures then it’s light. Well, you may think that’s obvious, because you won’t see anything without light. And if you don’t see anything, you can’t take photos. But what I mean is a lot of light. A lot of beautiful light. Ok, he’s going crazy. No, honestly: if you’re able to take photos in the first place depends

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How to create the perfect Instagram picture

Does such thing like the perfect Instagram picture exist? Yes and no. There are pictures that work out and pictures that don’t. „Working“ means receiving a lot of likes. Weather or not, there are some rules you can bare in mind to make sure your picture will receive the attention you’re looking for. Because, let’s be honest, the better your Instagram pictures are, the more easier it is to get followers.  

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